El bufete de abogados estadounidense con más de mil abogados y 19 oficinas en el mundo Bryan Cave (www.bryancave.com) ha seleccionado IntApp Integration Builder de la empresa especializada en software para firmas legales IntApp (www.intapp.com) para mejorar su información y su Business Process Management de toda la organización. En concreto, la herramienta IntApp Integration Builder servirá para sincronizar y centralizar toda la información de clientes, casos y usuarios de la firma para mejorar los procesos de negocio internos y, con ello, incrementar la productividad. Más abajo la nota de prensa en inglés íntegra.

IntApp, Inc., the leading provider of application integration software for law firms, today announced that Bryan Cave, a leading business and litigation firm with over 1,000 lawyers across 19 offices, has selected IntApp Integration Builder to synchronize and centrally manage information across the firm’s diverse software portfolio.

“We were initially interested in Integration Builder because of its pre-built integration templates for Recommind Decisiv,» said Connie Hoffman, CIO, Bryan Cave LLP. «Once we learned about Integration Builder’s capabilities to create a firm Master Data Directory, we were sold. Now we’re using the product to enable efficient synchronization of client, matter and user data across the firm and greatly streamline internal business processes to achieve higher firm productivity.»

Integration Builder provides a simple, straightforward way for law firms to connect, manage and automate their business applications and processes. Provided as a pure-software application deployable in a virtualized environment, it delivers real-time data communication without the cost, complexity and time required by custom code development. Enabling organisations to rapidly address common challenges including new business intake, new user provisioning and distribution list management, IntApp includes pre-built solution templates, best practices and access to an energetic, collaborative user community of IT professionals.

Bryan Cave is using IntApp Integration Builder to connect and manage the flow of data among software systems including: Elite Enterprise, OpenText LegalKEY, Microsoft Exchange 2007 and Microsoft Active Directory.

Built and updated using IntApp Integration Builder, a Master Data Directory (MDD) acts as a centralized repository of key data that is consumed by individuals and applications throughout a law firm. This architecture stores shared user, group, client and matter data in a single repository of record which is updated in real time. By using this approach, IT can deliver end users more accurate and timely information. Moreover, because it also reduces internal complexity and eliminates «many-to-many» data connections among firm applications, an MDD provides a foundation for IT to address a number of common business process challenges with greater speed and reduced resource requirements.

“Historically, our IT organization spent significant time building and managing custom integrations to move data among our internal business systems,” said Todd Painter, Senior DBA, Bryan Cave LLP. “Using IntApp Integration Builder allows us to dramatically shorten the time requirements, cost and technical complexity of these projects. The net result is that we’re able to take on new projects and accelerate any project that involves communicating information among legal software systems.”
«We’re pleased to welcome Bryan Cave to our growing customer community, said Neal Vora, head of IntApp’s Integration Practice Group. “As an Integration Builder client, Bryan Cave will be able to effectively create a master store of data, ensuring that information is synchronized in real time across the firm.»
IntApp provides software products and services that enable law firms to achieve competitive advantage by exceeding client compliance requirements, increasing revenue, and reducing operational costs. IntApp’s three practice groups (Risk, Revenue and Integration) focus on understanding existing pressures and emerging trends, and translate this knowledge into products and best practices. IntApp products are the most-adopted in their respective categories – Wall Builder for ethical screens and client confidentiality management, Time Builder for time capture, and Integration Builder for application integration and master data management. IntApp serves over 200 customers, is endorsed by major software vendors across all categories, and has cultivated a vibrant partner community. For more information about IntApp, visit: http://www.intapp.com.

Bryan Cave LLP is a leading business and litigation firm with global reach, a strong reputation and a long history of success. We do interesting and challenging work for a diverse client base, including businesses, financial institutions and not-for-profit organizations, government entities and individual clients. With more than 1,000 lawyers and consulting professionals in 19 offices worldwide, we pride ourselves on proactive, solution-oriented work in every major area of interest to clients.
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